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Claes Oldenburg’s statement ‘I am for an art that imitates the human, that is comic . . . or violent, or whatever is necessary’ can readily be applied to the art of Ben Stone, whose six recent works explore pathos in contemporary American life, particularly as manifested by tragi-comic characters in his native Chicago.
— Susan Snodgrass, Art in America

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Goofy, earnest and consistently brilliant . . . if you ask around, you’ll find out [Stone] is the most underrated artist in the city.
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What strikes me about the sculptures is how rightfully pungent they are in their portrayal of the Hollywood-type clichés and veiled racism many harbor about the Midwest . . . not to say they are judgmental; on the contrary, they are kind of sad and contemplative, embracing sports culture with respect and as valuable subject matter, not as punch line.
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[Stone is] so sensitively attuned to the pathetic earnestness of lowbrow culture as to always make it seem dignified and important.
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